100K Incubator has helped women access more than $8,000,000 in capital.

Or let’s talk about the facts…

Did you know: Nearly 73% of Women entrepreneurs state that funding is still difficult to obtain?

More than 800 female-founded startups globally received a total of $4.9 billion in venture funding by mid-December 2020, representing a 27% decrease over the same period the previous year.

The proportion of VC dollars to female-only founders declined from 2.8% in 2019 to 2.3% in 2020.

In 2020, only 10 of the 120 new unicorns had a female founder.

In 2020, only 6% of all seed stage funding went to female-only founded companies, with that number dropping to 4% for early stage and 1% for late stage.

Now let’s talk about race…

Did you know: Black women are the fastest growing demographic of entrepreneurs and the least funded - and the situation is getting worse?

2.6 million businesses are owned by black women in the United States (Amex, 2019). Since 2009, Black women founders have raised $289 million from venture capital, 0.2% of the total $424.7 billion raised (Entrepreneur, 2018).

Fewer than 1% of all businesses receive venture funding, requiring access to alternative capital sources (CNBC, 2020). Black women are more likely than their non-minority peers to identify access to credit as a challenge and less likely to receive some or all of the financing they requested (U.S. Federal Reserve, 2016).

Women and minority business owners are denied loans and pay higher interest rates than white counterparts, even after controlling for factors such as credit score (SBA, 2013).












This means that 57% of Black women entrepreneurs are using their own money to scale
their businesses, and we see similar statistics across other women demographics.

As a result, they are not scaling as fast as they could
be in order to meet the demands of their respective markets.


If these statistics aren’t already alarming to you, there’s actually a deeper reason and it’s staring you right in the mirror…

You and I have a responsibility to do more than just verbalize our desire for social change, we need to embody it, live it, and show it in our financial decisions, in our businesses, and in our everyday lives.

This is a call for all of us to step up, give back, and be examples for our industries.

Because social equity and supporting women entrepreneurs is not charity, it’s smart for the economy. Women overwhelmingly make 70-80% of all consumer purchasing decisions. And it matters seeing more women as business owners, CEOs, and shareholders.ooking team.

Leaders like you and me are committed to making this easier, not harder...

Did you know: women are twice as likely to cite the absence of funding and a strong support system as an obstacle to business ownership?

Research shows that female founders are treated differently than their male peers, with a 2018 study (headed by Dana Kanze of Columbia University) concluding that women are 2x as likely to be treated negatively when asking for money.

Would-be investors focused on risk when questioning female leaders rather than on reward, and did the exact opposite with male leaders.

We organize leaders to take women
entrepreneurs from frustrated to funded
in the following ways:

We believe in technology and 100k Incubator is the first ever business funding app for women launched in Apple and Google’s app stores. We created it with the goal of getting women funding for their businesses and helping them learn how to use that capital to reach and, more importantly, surpass 100K in annual revenue. If the video at the top video moved you and you want to make a one time donation to our operations, click the donate button below.

Or if you are a major corporation or brand that would like to sponsor our programming and partner with us on preparing women entrepreneurs for capital and scaling beyond their first $100K, let’s definitely talk…

The First Sneaker to Fund
Women Entrepreneurs

Make your next gift to your team or bonus for your customers, have a ripple effect. Not only is 100k Incubator the first business funding mobile app for women, we have also launched the first sneaker line that uses its profits to fund women entrepreneurs. This sneaker collection is a creative megaphone to our society at large about our vision of a world where all women have equal access to funding regardless of race or gender. Rock something on your feet that actually means something. And let’s go bigger… instead of another grab bag or PDF bonus, we invite you to work with us to incorporate a sneaker gift to your team and/or customers. We handle all shipping and fulfillment, and our sneakers are perfect for:

• Surprises at company parties
• Holiday presents
• Client swag bags / course bonuses
• Team gifts
• And more!

80% of the profits from the sneaker collection go toward funding non-dilutive, debt-free cash grants to women entrepreneurs and 20% goes toward supporting the 100K Incubator mobile app.

Let’s work together to figure out a fun way to include the sneakers in your business model or your philanthropic budget. After all, who doesn’t love a great pair of sneakers,

Reorganizing Your Portfolio to Where It Matters

Perhaps the stats above are not new to you?
Perhaps, more than surprising you, they make you angry…

...angry enough to commit to change by using your money and influence to promote greater diversity, equity and inclusion in business?

Perhaps you’ve been looking for ways to do this but had no idea where to begin, how to get started or who to partner with?

Well, we want to support you!

Let us educate and walk you through the exact steps on how to make smart angel investments in women entrepreneurs:

Learn what industries and demographics are growing the fastest.

See how your money can not only make you money but create sustainable impact in women-owned businesses Get a deeper understanding of how social impact investing builds wealth, creates social equity, and puts more women-owned businesses on track to scale

We’re not here to bombard you with information, and then leave you overwhelmed about how to implement afterwards. We’re here to give you a plan and share our own model that you can integrate into your personal or business investing portfolio.

Note: 100K Incubator's Zero to Million Grant Program is a fiscally sponsored project of the Center for Social Change, a 501c3 non-profit organization.

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