100K Incubator has helped women access more than $8,000,000 in capital.

Helping Black women access funding
& achieve mass retail distribution.

Black women received less than 1% of $85 billion available in venture capital funding.

And according to the U.S. federal reserve, they are also less likely than their non-minority peers to receive some or all of the credit-based funding they’ve requested from banks and private financial institutions.


As the first business funding app for women, 100K Incubator seeks out underfunded businesses to get them equal access to capital, resources, and mentorship.

We also seek to help them create recession and pandemic proof businesses.

We’ve joined forces with Target Accelerators to provide real strategy and real solutions for Black women entrepreneurs.

With a commitment to Black women entrepreneurs, they are centering diversity and social justice from their corporate offices to their shelves. It is their core mission to deliver products, services, and experiences that reflect what all of their guests want and need.




100K Incubator, in partnership with Target Accelerators, has developed a retail incubator in order to close the gap and provide Black women entrepreneurs a pipeline to receive grants, microloans, angel investment, mentorship, and information about mass retail distribution.


Designed to recruit and train for mass retail categories where Black women business owners are underrepresented.


    This cohort focuses on businesses in household essentials, toys, electronics, video games, and sports/outdoors markets that want their brands represented and sold in mass retail stores.
  • Private Label:

    This cohort focuses on businesses that have products that can be private labeled for mass retail distribution, such as groceries, apparel, accessories, furniture, kitchen and dining, school/office supplies and party supplies. This is a huge opportunity to scale your company without heavy advertising or marketing; the mass retailer does that work for you.
  • Services:

    This cohort is innovation-driven, recruiting business in retail technology, shipping and fulfillment, and construction. Mass retailers don’t just need products, they need service providers and technology companies to help with the operations and build out of their stores.

what’s Included

100K Incubator App: Each woman will be given lifetime access to our 50+ video bootcamp and mobile app, which covers the following...

  • How to prepare your financials for funding
  • The 12 different types of business funding available
  • How to use capital to scale your business safely
  • How to increase sales utilizing paid traffic on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube & LinkedIn
  • Live weekly video coaching calls
  • Access to funding resources through our partners
  • Mobile app community to continue networking and building relationships.

6 Month “Retail Ready” process:

We understand that the average revenue for Black women owned businesses is $24,000( SBA SCORE 2020). Yet someone working for $15 dollars an hour 40 hrs per week makes $31,200. This means the average revenue for Black women entrepreneurs is less than minimum wage. Our program was built to help change that.

As a result in two 3 month blocks, all three cohorts will work to hit certain goals and benchmarks.

  • Month 1-3 Goals and Benchmarks: Our first goal for every woman entering the 100K Retail Incubator is to have a thorough understanding of how and where to access grants, business credit cards, business loans, angel investment, and venture capital. Along with our partners and mobile app, each business will be paired with viable funding opportunities to reach their early sales goals. Additionally, we will provide partners to support in branding, website design, shipping, fulfillment, legal contracts, advertising, social media, and public relations - to make sure you have a dream team that has your back.
  • Month 4-6 Goals and Benchmarks: Additionally, our primary benchmark for anyone entering the 100K Retail Incubator is to get to a minimum of $100,000 in annual sales, which amounts to $8,333 per month. Showing this amount of revenue for 3-6 months in our experience, is necessary to acquire the larger working capital amounts needed for mass retail expansion. If you're already at $100,000 in annual sales, that's great too - we'll help you set new goals to reach your next level. Regardless where you are, we’re here to make sure you get there, and to push you to hit your sales goals through cohort competitions and prizes from our sponsors.

what our members say ...


“I saw a 400% increase in sales the first month that I joined 100K Incubator. I got approved for $10,000 in business credit. Plus, I learned the benefit of marketing through ads and testing products, versus purchasing in bulk and simply posting, to social media, without having any data about my customers. Besides the financial benefits of 100k Incubator, it is being a part of a collective of other women entrepreneurs, many of them Black women, that has proven to be invaluable. I am encouraged and motivated by their success and uplifted by our support of each other.”

- Makuyo, Founder, Maniya


“I became a member of 100K Incubator after 10+ years as an esthetician looking to launch a product brand. I had my share of business challenges and had to declare bankruptcy in the past; however, Arielle assured me that they could help me launch this new brand and sell my brick and mortar waxing business. Not only did I sell my business after 4 months of joining, I also launched my line of feminine care products and got a distribution offer from Urban Outfitters. The support of 100K Incubator is unmatched, and I am so grateful to have Arielle and her team's support."

- Joelle Lynn, Founder, HappyGirl


"After earning my MBA, I joined 100K Incubator to help me jumpstart my brand and get retail-ready. Arielle Loren is my business mentor and accountability partner and still is. She coached me on how to pitch my company, which resulted in me winning a $10,000 pitch competition. She also helped prepare me for my first angel investor of $10,000. Equally important, she helped me launch two crowdfunding campaigns, which amounted to $19,350 in pre-sales for my product and a celebrity endorsement from Viola Davis. 100K Incubator has changed the way I run my business in terms of marketing, investor relations, accessing funding and managing my business' finances. I love this program."

-Saraa Green, Co-Founder, TheBraidReleaser

Helped me Transition to Full Time Entreprenuership

"I worked with Arielle during an important transition in my professional life. Having nurtured my consulting business alongside my corporate job, I needed strategic support to continue growing my company, so that I could confidently transition to full-time entrepreneurship. Arielle shared her well-balanced talents of business savvy and intuition to help me navigate the next chapter of my entrepreneurial venture, which included streamlining my services, advising on corporate partnerships, reviewing marketing materials, and being a resource for my staff."

- Christine Guillot, CEO, Merchant Method

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