100K Incubator has helped women access more than $8,000,000 in capital.

The First Business
Funding APP for women

100K Incubator has helped women access more than $8,000,000 in capital.

100k incubator is a Mobile App

for early stage women entrepreneurs to get funding for their companies, live coaching, and results driven classes to help them scale their businesses to at least 100K in yearly sales.

We believe in cost-effective business coaching and providing early stage women entrepreneurs with the funding that they need.

Gone are the days of 1,000s of dollars in coaching fees and draining your personal bank account to fund your business.

There’s a new and better way…and it starts with 100K Incubator…



and live support you need


Are you tired of the half-baked "I turned $100 dollars into a million dollars" success stories floating taround the Internet?

What most of those stories fail to tell you is HOW they actually got from $100 to a million, or even $100 to 6 figures.

How much personal credit card debt did they take on?

What family member loaned them money when theyneeded it?

Did they receive any grants? Did they take on investors?

What was the actual financial plan that they implemented that got them from startup to profitable business?

You’ve heard the old saying “it takes money to make money”...

You’ve heard the old saying “it takes money to make money”...But what you haven’t heard is that it doesn’t have to be just YOUR money that funds your business.

You don’t have to eat ramen and kill your 9-5 paycheck.

You don’t have to drain your 401K or IRA in hopes your business will give you a better future.

You don’t have to put your personal finances, savings, or retirement in jeopardy.

In 100K Incubator, our goal is to help you build a business that ADDS to your personal wealth. The business should not affect your day to day finances or put your financial future in harm’s way.

But here’s the truth: going after funding for your business can be a confusing and scary process.

We already know it is impossible to grow a business without having capital.

But maybe funding and capital is a foreign and scary concept to you. You're wondering what your options are and if you are ready for that kind of support.

What if we told you that we could tell you exactly how to grow your business to the six-figure mark, by getting capital and without draining your paycheck?

What clients are saying...


“I made the decision to enroll in 100K Incubator after 2 years of working on my personal credit score and business credit profile, and still not feeling confident that I could secure any type of funding. In the first 30 days of working with Arielle and her team, I was offered two business loans for $5,000 and a $20,000 business line of credit through her funding partners, totalling $30,000 in working capital. I never even thought this was possible. I am so grateful for the confidence and direction Arielle has given me to help me grow and scale my business by giving me access to the funding my business needs."

- Stephanie O'Connor, Founder & CEO of Conner Varin


“I saw a 400% increase in sales the first month that I joined. I got approved for $10,000 in business credit. Plus, I learned the benefit of marketing through ads and testing products, versus purchasing in bulk and simply posting, to social media, without having any data about my customers. Besides the financial benefits of 100k Incubator, it is being a part of a collective of other women entrepreneurs, many of them black women, that has proven to be invaluable. I am encouraged and motivated by their success and uplifted by our support of each other."

- Makuyo, Founder & CEO of Maniya


“Arielle has the pedigree and talent to grow any Fortune 500 company, but she has chosen to help folks like me, early-stage women entrepreneurs, which says a lot about her. Since joining 100K Incubator, I have felt the support, guidance, and networking opportunities that I need to successfully grow and scale my business. Shortly after, I re-launched my program and I enrolled 4 new students, helping first-generation women law school applicants successfully apply to their dream law schools. Arielle’s Harvard/NYU/Georgetown-trained eyes and ears firmly direct you in the way that your business should go. She is patient like a friend, encouraging like a big sister, and has the business acumen of any well-groomed CEO. When you join 100K Incubator, you are getting access to knowledge and resources that few of us ever have an opportunity to encounter. Do not miss your chance to work with her.”

-B. Harden, Esq., Founder & CEO of Crimson Law Coach


“Before I joined 100K Incubator, I was struggling with a cash flow crunch that impacted my ability to market to new audiences and I didn't know how to raise funding for my business. Through the incubator, I have been able to secure $14,000 through business loans and a business line of credit. My first approval came within a week of joining and implementing the coursework. Furthermore, I was able to generate over $35,000 in new sales and contracts within my first 90 days as a member, as a result of Arielle Loren's coaching and support. I recommend the 100K incubator for anyone who wants to learn effective and high-impact business growth strategies in a supportive environment. Arielle, thank you for hearing my dreams and letting me know my mission and vision were indeed possible.”

- Quanisha Green, MSS., Founder & CEO of Black Woman CEO


“I have worked with other popular “internet business gurus” and have spent over $10,000 and still didn’t have an executable plan. In the end, I realized that they only cared about making money from me, whereas Arielle actually wanted me to succeed. Arielle is a genius and one who actually desires to see women become successful entrepreneurs. She not only uses her own gifts and talents but she has a network of other women and business partners with the same vision. In only one month of working with Arielle in 100K Incubator, not only did my credit score go up by 38 points, but I now have a business and a personal credit card, and a way to use my talents to make money."

- Melanie N. John, M.Ed., TESOL, Founder & CEO of ESL With Mel!


“Arielle has the pedigreWhen I joined 100K Incubator and started working with Arielle, she and her team quickly got me access to $2,500 in working capital, which allowed me to increase my direct to consumer sales and wholesale sales of my product. The amount energy, time, commitment that she and her team invest is impeccable!"

- ChaQuana McEntyre, Founder & CEO of Najen’s Hair & Body Balm


“I got a huge opportunity to pitch for the casting directors from Shark Tank, (an investor show for entrepreneurs), and in our one on one call, Arielle walked me through every single page of my pitch to raise $500,000. The pitch was like 18 pages. She gave me feedback, and even read through it and corrected misspelled and missing words I completely overlooked. She educated me on how to evaluate my business and determine its projected worth. She was so hands on. I truly see her value, she's not just a bunch of how to videos on a screen. She's honest, to the point and passionate about seeing other women like her push through that glass ceiling; on top of that, she’s KNOWLEDGEABLE. She provided, in great detail, various avenues of funding; how incorporate your business and most importantly, HOW TO ADVERTISE! I am creating a mobile app, and as we’re preparing for launch, she has been a huge help in breaking down: how to focus in on my target audience, how to pitch them, and how to encourage sales. I am proud to be apart of the 100K Incubator and I believe, you will be too.”

- Tiffany Shelly, Founder & CEO of Last Minute Hair


“I wasn’t 100% sure what the results would be when I signed up for 100K Incubator, but Arielle made one simple recommendation for retargeting my Facebook ads and I landed 3 new clients within 24 hours! The incubator provides a very high level of support. I can ask questions 24/7, have had one on one time with Arielle, and participate in weekly calls where I’m able to brainstorm and listen to other business owners share their success, lessons learned, and receive support. I am so glad that I found 100K Incubator and highly recommend it!”

- Keymia Sharpe, Founder & CEO of Key 2 MIA


“I am a 17-year old entrepreneur and I wouldn’t be able to say that without 100K Incubator! I’ve always wanted to start my own beauty brand for women of color, and I decided that this year I was going to do it! So I quit my part-time job, began to do all of the research, and finally started to build. I wasn't sure if Arielle and 100K Incubator would work with a teenager but they did, and that changed everything! I am now the proud owner of the fast growing beauty brand for women of color, Makeda K Beauty. It has only been one month since I launched and I am making way more than I was working my job. 100K Incubator has helped me do things I never imagined and I am so grateful for it!"

- Makeda Robinson, Founder & CEO of Makeda K Beauty

You are going to be our next Success Story.

The goal of 100K incubator is to help 100,000 women get funding for their business and learn how to use that capital to hit and surpass 6 figures in annual revenue.


  • Your bank account and paycheck are begging for a break from your business investments.
  • Nobody is knocking down your proverbial door begging to work with you or buy your product.
  • Being new to business, you don't know what resources are available to launchyou properly.
  • When you think about paid advertising, you start picturing all the worst-case scenarios since you have no idea what you're doing.
  • Your credit and personal finances aren't the best, so you feel forcedto bootstrap.


Normally, when you try to start a business, there are certain obstacles that need to be overcome. Creating consistent sales, accessing funding to scale the business, finding mentors: all aspects that are fundamental but not easy to figure out, especially in the beginning stages of your business.

This is exactly why 100K Incubator was created.

How 100K Incubator Works

After signing up, you get immediate access to our 24/7 community, live coaching calls, and a 50-video core program that covers everything you need to get funding and scale your business to at least $100,000 in sales.

Module 1: Prepare Your Financials

Lesson 1: Getting Started

Lesson 2: Personal Credit

Lesson 3: Business Credit

Lesson 4: Pulling Your Reports

Lesson 5: Creating a Budget

Lesson 6: Creating Extra Income

Lesson 7: Secured Cards

Lesson 8: Authorized Users

Lesson 9 Bankruptcies, Collections, Late Payments

Lesson 10: Registering Your Business

Lesson 11: Filing Your Taxes and Annual Report

Lesson 12: Opening Your Business Bank Account

Lesson 13: Conclusion

Module 2: Secure Your Funding

Lesson 1: Getting Started

Lesson 2: Understanding Capital and Why You Need It

Lesson 3: Setting Your Funding Goal

Lesson 4: Meet Our Funding Partners

Lesson 5: Level 1 Funding

Lesson 6: Business Credit Cards

Lesson 7: Personal Loans

Lesson 8: Home Equity Loan or Line of Credit

Lesson 9: Crowdfunding

Lesson 10: Level 2 Funding

Lesson 11: Pitch Competitions

Lesson 12: Business Grants and Government Contracts

Lesson 13: Government Small Business Loans

Lesson 14: Payment Processor Loans

Lesson 15: Private Business Loans

Lesson 16: Business Lines of Credit

Lesson 17: Level 3 Funding

Lesson 18: Angel and Family Investors

Lesson 19: Venture Capital

Lesson 20: Conclusion

Module 3: Scale your business

Lesson 1: Getting Started

Lesson 2: Defining Your Target Customer

Lesson 3: Find the Pain Points

Lesson 4: Price to Sell

Lesson 5: Social Proof

Lesson 6: Sales Funnels

Lesson 7: Copywriting

Lesson 8: Visual Branding

Lesson 9: Websites

Lesson 10: Social Media vs. Paid Advertising

Lesson 11: Facebook and Instagram Advertising

Lesson 12: YouTube Advertising

Lesson 13: Influencer Advertising

Lesson 14: LinkedIn Advertising

Lesson 15: Databases and Analytics

Lesson 16: The 1-3-6-9 Method

Lesson 17: Conclusion

100k incubator Includes:

Live Coaching Calls 3X Per Week

hosted by Founder, Arielle Loren and other experts to support members in scaling from startup to 6-figure business. Topics include credit repair, funding, facebook and instagram ads, and other key topics to help you launch or re-launch your business properly.

Business Funding for Startups

go through our 50-video training to ensure you are well-versed in how to use working capital to take your business to the next level, get access to our funding partners, and secure the money to scale your business.

Special Interviews and Masterclasses

insider secrets from qualified mentors and popular influencers who are available to answer your questions and share the behind the scenes of their businesses.

50+ Results-Driven Video Lessons

learn how to get funding (and get connected with our funding partners), use the capital to build out a custom sales and marketing plan for your business (we’ll help you), and create a financially strong business with consistent sales over $100K per year.

Real Life Connections

Get personal access to our network of serious, scaling entrepreneurs and mentors through our community-organized meetups, private chat features, and discussion forums.

Getting funding for your business has
never been easier.

We are deeply committed to helping all women, especially women of color, to take advantage our resources and knowledge. Having direct access to mentors, funding and proper knowledge are keys to your success. We are here to provide you with business-altering information and capital resources.

When you join 100K Incubator, your business will grow like never before.

No more broad, disconnected courses that don't help you develop a strategy. Forget about overpriced $499 and $999 offers, that leave you more confused than equipped. In this $39.99 per month membership community, you will access:

  • A world-class bootcamp to teach you how to create a strong business with consistent sales that pushes your business over $100K per year.
  • Access to our funding partners that will ensure you are well-versed in how to secure working capital to scale your business the next level.
  • Insider secrets from qualified mentors who are available to answer your questions and talk money.
  • Strategies to master Facebook and Instagram advertising to reach your target markets.
  • 3X Weekly Q&A calls with Founder, Arielle Loren and other experts to ensure you execute.
  • Access our network of serious, scaling entrepreneurs through our community-organized meetups,private chats, forums, and Members' Directory.
  • Get your questions answered and receive 24/7 support in our Members' Forums hosted on our private network and mobile app.



Arielle Loren is the founder of 100K Incubator, the first business funding mobile app for women in Apple and Google’s app stores. She’s helping 100,000 early stage women entrepreneurs get funding for their businesses and scale to 100K+ in yearly sales. In her previous decade-long consulting and fundraising career, supporting top brands and startups, Arielle’s client work, writing, and speaking gigs were featured in FastCompany, TechCrunch, Huffington Post, SXSW, and NPR. She is a graduate of Harvard University, where she holds a master’s degree in Management and graduate certificate in Strategic Management.

Praise for Arielle...

We Generated Over a Million Dollars in Sales Together

“Arielle was my business lifesaver. We worked together for 2.5 years, where she restructured my business, staff, and operations to create consistent and stronger cashflow. We generated over a million dollars in sales together. But more importantly, she’s trustworthy, authentic, and as real as they come. My company wouldn’t be where it is today if it wasn’t for her work and commitment to my success. So if she’s offering to help you with your business, don’t even think twice, work with her!”

- Shanel Cooper-Sykes, Life Coach, Author, and CEO of Sacred Ventures

She Raised $13,424 in the First 30 Days of Sales

“When my company, Plume, was launching its first product, The MOI BOX, I hired Arielle to lead my marketing and publicity efforts. Together, we got the MOI box to be the first adult product to be approved for Kickstarter, and she ran my campaign, raising $13,424 in the first 30 days of sales. Additionally, she secured press placements for the MOI box in Fast Company, Tech Crunch, Huffington Post, Nerve, xoJane, and several other media outlets. It was a successful launch and I learned so much from Arielle. She was instrumental from start to finish. This is your go-to person for building buzz."

- Lidia Bonilla, CEO, House of Plume

Boosted my sales...opened up new line of revenue.

"Arielle delivers in every way imaginable as a business strategist. I trust her with all of my marketing and business development needs. I first started working with her on there branding of my Hawaiian coffee business, Kau Specialty Coffee. Our work together boosted my coffee sales, and opened up a new line of revenue for brand apparel. When I was ready to expand my business, she connected me with prime clients who would increase my business exponentially. I am forever grateful for her dedication, work ethic,and results. I look forward to our continued work together."

- Malian Lahey, CEO, Kau Specialty Coffee

Helped me Transition to Full Time Entreprenuership

"I worked with Arielle during an important transition in my professional life. Having nurtured my consulting business alongside my corporate job, I needed strategic support to continue growing my company, so that I could confidently transition to full-time entrepreneurship. Arielle shared her well-balanced talents of business savvy and intuition to help me navigate the next chapter of my entrepreneurial venture, which included streamlining my services, advising on corporate partnerships, reviewing marketing materials, and being a resource for my staff."

- Christine Guillot, CEO, Merchant Method


+ Can I join if I haven’t launched my business yet?

Yes, the sooner the better. We encourage you to get in prior to launching, so we can teach you how to set your business up RIGHT — from the beginning — to qualify for funding and scale to over $100,000 in yearly sales.

+ Is it a requirement for me to get funding?

No, funding is optional, but we encourage you to learn how to access and invest capital in your business, while you have the mentorship and resources to ensure you are making smart financial decisions.

+ What if I have “bad” credit, can I still qualify for funding?

Yes, we teach a variety of funding options and our partners work with early stage women entrepreneurs with a variety of different financial backgrounds. Plus we offer credit repair classes and expert support to help you get your credit back on track and qualify for as many funding opportunities as possible.

+ How long does the membership last? Or what if I have a billing and technical question?

We encourage you to stay with us for as long as YOU are receiving value. We have a full technical and billing support team that takes care of our members, as well as support from Arielle and the mentors in the community.

+ What if I want to book a one-on-one with Arielle?

You absolutely can! After you join, you will receive a series of emails with next steps and how you can book with Arielle. Just keep in mind, the free session is only available as a bonus for members who enroll under the yearly option.

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