100K Incubator has helped women access more than $8,000,000 in capital.

The Wall Street

The Wall Street
Most of the top banks are run by men, which prevents women from having strong positions of power...
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Most of the top banks are run by men, which prevents women from having strong positions of power to control the flow of capital. Less than 10% of all U.S. fund managers are women. We are only 9% of leadership in private equity and only 18% of total employees. Even at hedge funds and private debt firms, we only hold 11% of leadership roles. If the vast majority of private equity funds are controlled by men, where does that leave women-owned businesses in receiving capital? How are we being given access to funds with billions of dollars in pension money? How are we benefiting from this capital that we fuel as consumers and investors? 100K Incubator joins women in finance from around the world in solidarity to see an increase in leadership and stronger investment in our businesses. We dedicate this sneaker to spreading awareness and funding more women-owned businesses. $100 of each sneaker sale will go toward funding women entrepreneurs and providing subsidized coaching services to those in need.

We honor Lilla St. John as the first African-American woman to pass the NYSE exam in 1953 to become a certified investment counselor at age 25. We honor June Middleton who was the only African-American woman stockbroker working for a NYSE firm in 1964. We honor Muriel Siebert as the first woman to ever hold a seat on the New York Stock Exchange and head one of its member firms, being the only woman of 1,365 men in 1967. And we honor Suzanne Shank, and her current trailblazing path being the largest shareholder in the first minority and woman-owned investment bank to rank in the top 10 municipal bond writers managing over $700 billion in deals. We’ve made strides and still have so far to go. 

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